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Married couples seduce young naive teens into fulfilling their sexual fantasies!
Madison Parker | 311 pics | 30 min. Video Latest Update!
Audrey and Otto expose Madison to the wonders of double penetration. One cock + one dildo = countless orgasms!
Jesse Jordan | 94 pics | 30 min. Video
Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's "benefit package," she knew she'd found a new home.
Misty Rivers | 221 pics | 29 min. Video
Misty was out selling educational textbooks to raise money for a local school. Audrey and Otto had other ideas about how she could earn the cash... on her back.
Mandy Luxx | 198 pics | 30 min. Video
Mandy wanted to go to the beach but "the beach is miles away" we told her before inviting her to come swimming at our house. Once back at our place she agreed that "It's kinda cold to go swimming," but we went inside and worked on making her good and wet anyway.
Kenzie Kyle | 236 pics | 25 min. Video
You've never been with a girl? wife Lexi asks of cutie Kenzie. "I think that, possibly, maybe, if the right opportunity came along..." Kenzie utters shyly. "Well... you know..." Lexi expresses irresistibly, "I'm kind of a professional when it cums to the...", "Art of seduction?" Kenzie interjects as Lexi caresses her body.
Stephanie Cane | 231 pics | 29 min. Video
"Because we're gonna spend so much time together, I'd like to get a little more personal" Lexi suggested, "Ok, what do you mean?" asked Stephanie, "well, Let's get comfortable for this, it might take a while..."
Cassidy Essence | 265 pics | 27 min. Video
"Have you ever been with a girl and a guy?" asked husband Marcus. "No." Chasity replied shyly. "You don't need to be shy around us. We're very open", wife Devon adds flirtatiously. "Well, I have thought about it..."
Sindee Jennings | 127 pics | 29 min. Video
"You were supposed to be here this morning, now it's almost five PM," said Joe. "We can't pay you for painting now." "I know what you can do for us, though," added Veronica. "You can suck my husband's cock!"
Kara Mynor | 157 pics | 55 min. Video
"Kara said she would be more than willing to take us around town and show us what's fun to do. So, we are here today to see if we can get her to come back with us" Wife- Charlee. And we will all keep our fingers crossed.
Sammy Cruz | 175 pics | 50 min. Video
"You don't have a boyfriend?" asked Michelle. "How long has it been since you've had sex?" "It's been at least a couple of months," said Sammie. "But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!"
Leighlani Red | 200 pics | 31 min. Video
"I haven't gotten to meet any of the neighbors yet, so you guys are kinda the first people I've had a chance to talk to" said Leighlani. "Well we're very friendly" said Marcus. Leighlani: "I can tell!"
Julie | 182 pics | 41 min. Video
"I need about a thousand bucks," said Julie. "Well, we can't really use the stuff you're selling," said Michelle. "But we'd like to help you out. How about fifty dollars? Or maybe we'll give you more if you're willing..." Julie: "Oh no! That's totally not what I'm into!"
Emily Evermoore - Hi Def | 243 pics | 29 min. Video
Emily: "I'd love some one-on-one tutoring... But why are you asking me about sex?" "Everyone is more open and easygoing around here, that's all," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman? You know, I didn't find out I was bisexual until I was older..."
Taylor Hillton | 193 pics | 35 min. Video
"Never been with a woman?" asks Lexi. "You're missing out!" Taylor says there weren't any cute girls back home. But after their first kiss, "I knew it'd be good!"
Toni | 193 pics | 38 min. Video
"I don't know if I can do this" Toni protested "What if my parents find out?" "They're never gonna find out. We wont say anything if you don't say anything" Devon replied
Courtney James | 250 pics | 30 min. Video
"OH MY GOD!!!! I'VE BEEN WATING TO SEE YOU! I CAN'T BELIVE IT'S YOU! screams an excited Courtney as she rushes in to hug her favorite idol...Marcus. "So I guess you're a fan" Marcus says while trying to catch his breath. "I'm actually your biggest fan!"
Roma | 235 pics | 29 min. Video
"You've never seen one of these before!" Lexi says as the landlord's daughter starts to turn red, embarrassed that she thought the purple rubbery object was a piece of art. "This, is a dildo that girls use when they have sex with each other......You just need to relax and let me show you what it's like."
Paulina James | 286 pics | 30 min. Video
"My boyfriend keeps trying to push me into sex with him but I'm not ready yet" said Paulina "I've never tried it with a guy before" she continued, "Well,how about with a girl?" asked Michelle, "that's a different story...."
Emily Evermoore | 196 pics | 44 min. Video
Emily: "I'd love some one-on-one tutoring... But why are you asking me about sex?" "Everyone is more open and easygoing around here, that's all," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman? I didn't find out I was bisexual until I was older..."
Tatiana Kush | 219 pics | 29 min. Video
"I have to tell you that the part requires you to be scantily clad. Are you comfortable with that" Lexi asks the naive aspiring actress? "Well, as long as I'm covered" she shyly responds. "Honestly,"" Lexi admits "that usually leads to being topless or nude..." "Maybe I could work up to it?" "Instead of doing that on set, why don't you try here while it's just my husband and I watching...."
Kimberly Wood | 206 pics | 30 min. Video
"You've never played around with a married couple before?" asked Marcus "No I haven't" replied Kimbery. "There's a first time for everything" Devon interjected and before she knows it she's in the middle of a threesome!
Cristina Agave | 189 pics | 41 min. Video
"I've never heard anyone break up with a boyfriend like that," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman before?" Christina: "I guess I've thought about it. But my parents would kill me if they found out!" "Don't worry," said Lexi. "We won't tell!"
Emma Heart | 179 pics | 35 min. Video
"Tell me some intimate secrets about yourself" Lexi asked, "Like what" Riley wondered, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Lexi pressed on. "No" replied a confused Riley, "How about a girlfriend.......?"
Lana Peach | 116 pics | 47 min. Video
"I've never been with a girl before," says wife, Sophia, in the car. "My wife will say ANYTHING to get in a girl's pants!" Husband - Brad
Barbie Love | 248 pics | 38 min. Video
"You actually seem to be very much my wife's type" Marcus explained to Barbie, "What do you mean by that?" Barbie naively asked. "Use your imagination" Marcus continued, "Have you ever been with a girl?"